Friday, August 31, 2012

A wonderful way to get here!

Every time we get chatting to people we like to ask where they're from and if they're on holiday. We always hope for an interesting tale. And the other day we heard a truly fantastic story!

Our friend Will was talking to a lovely couple from Brooklyn, New York. When asked if they were on holiday they told him this:

One day they moved apartment. On the fridge of their new apartment was a photograph of people on the edge of Western Brook Pond. Here's some photos Liv took of Western Brook Pond, just so you can imagine finding one on your new fridge! She's a snap happy kind of girl.

So, back to the story. These people thought the photo was so beautiful that they started researching, found it was in Newfoundland and decided to visit! They also looked up other places to see and ended up right here in Woody Point!

We might start posting photographs to random addresses around the world!

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