Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arty presents? We like those!

We've just noticed that we've been blogging lots about music. We love music, it's great. And we love having awesome musicians coming to play in the Studio, and we feel really special when we get to hang out with them! Happy Galliott girls!

However, we also love art. So here's some news about what we've been up to!

Very shortly the amazing Writers at Woody Point festival will hit town. We're excited. Very excited. It's a week where we get to listen to lots of incredible authors reading extracts from their books. We also get to listen to some great musicians and even have a bit of a dance. More things that we like! Here's a link to the Writers at Woody Point website http://writersatwoodypoint.com/

And here's a video our friend Jim made about last years festival http://vimeo.com/30727384

Anyway, back to the art. Every year, the authors and musicians receive a goody bag. Every one loves a goody bag, and we love giving presents. Perfect match! This year we decided that hand made espresso cups were the order of the day. Here's a lovely photo of Jenn making some!

We'll let you see more pictures soon, when they're all finished and pretty.

There's lots of love in this post. But we're just that type I suppose!

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