Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swimming...and JAWS!!!

Tomorrow will be the fourth annual swim across the bay! A hardy group of us will swim the mile across Bonne Bay. It's sure to be great, but possibly a wee bit chilly.

To celebrate our successful swim we'll be showing Jaws on the wharf tomorrow evening. The showing will be at 11pm and the film will be shown on a projection screen on the wharf! We're very excited about it! Our friend Ryan will be swimming and watching with us. He made us a poster!

If you'd like to join us for the swim across the bay, come over to Galliott Studios by 10.30am tomorrow. That's straight after our free reading by Douglas Walbourne-Gough, so why not come for both?

For the swim we implement a buddy system and have support boats to make sure everyone's safe. Don't worry if you're not the strongest swimmer, you'll be able to ride the rest of the way in a boat if you get tired. If you don't have a buddy in mind, that's fine too. You could make a new friend during the swim!

We'd also like to point out that it's not a race. If you're uber competitive you might need to reign yourself in a bit, we like everyone to swim together. It's more fun that way!

Jaws is a free showing, but we can only fit a limited number of people onto the wharf so make sure you're here around 11pm. It's going to be great!

Check back Friday for photos!

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