Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gros Morne photo times

We've got lots of art friends at Galliott Studios, but one of our newest is Jacqueline Bradley. You might have read about her a few posts back, but we think she's worth a double shot.

She's from Australia, she's fun and she makes great art. And great art is our favourite kind. Have a look here

Today we Galliott Studios girls and a few friends hiked up Gros Morne mountain to take some photos of some of Jacqueline's new artwork. For those of you from away, here's a photo of the mountain

And here's a photo of us all hiking with our backpacks full of arty things

And here's a photo of Genna having a little relax after lots of hiking

We can't show you any photos of the wonderful art, even though we're very excited about it. That would just be mean! But take our word for it, it's amazing! We'll post links when everything's finished up and published.

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