Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A good old Newfoundland time!

Last night we were lucky enough to have a time with Mike Madigan! For those of you not in the know, a time is the traditional Newfoundland word for a gathering or party. Fun times!

Mike's a traditional musician and entertained the crowd with tales and tunes. Lots of locals got to sing along and reminisce, whilst our new friends from all different countries and provinces learned something about traditional Newfoundland culture. Great stuff, eh?

Here's a nice photo of Mike looking all outdoorsy

Mike also plays for a band called The Sharecroppers. We borrowed the photo from their website, which you can check out here http://www.thesharecroppers.net/

A particular highlight for us was when the whole studio was filled with a gang of spooners! They were playing the spoons, not just snuggling.

Check back later for more on this weeks musical offerings!


  1. Thanks for a great venue and time!!!! Loved it!!! The crowd was wonderful....and loved the humour. (Me wife t'inks I'm crazy!! lol) hahah Let's do it again sometime! ~Mike

  2. Oh..and that photo you used was by my good friend Lynda Bruton...in California....who has to come back to Nfld in 2013. Lynda first visited Nfld by cruise ship and has been back often....but not often enough in the last few years!