Thursday, September 6, 2012

Woody Point

We just realised that throughout our entire blogging history we haven't actually said anything about our town! We know that there's lots of people who check the blog from lots of different countries and we thought you might like to hear more about it!

We're located in Woody Point, which is in Gros Morne National Park on the west coast of Newfoundland. Gros Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because it's so beautiful and also because of our unique geological features.

Here's a photo of the town from the water

We like it here a lot. It's a small place with an awesome community. There's lots of people here who's families have lived in town for generations. Jenn is a 5th generation Woody Pointer. Her Pop on one side owned the Studio back when it was a fishing shed. And her Grandparents on her Mother's side owned the Roberts House, which is open to the public as a heritage property. She's adamant that the sewing machine in there belongs to her, so when you visit don't covet it too closely!

We also have a pretty famous lighthouse. Here's a photo

There are lots of fun events that go on here in the summer. We've blogged about some of them, but here's more stuff you could check out!

Writers at Woody Point is incredible. It's our favourite time of year, we like it even more than our birthdays, which makes it a pretty big deal in our book. Here's their website

Bonne Bay regatta takes place in July every year. And it's fun every year. Some of you may remember that us Galliott Studios girls are the reigning champions in the women's dory race. Feel free to come and challenge us next year, we'll be staunchly defending our title! More details on the town website

It's not technically in Woody Point, but Trails Tales and Tunes festival takes place in Norris Point, which is just across the bay. Here's their website It's pretty easy to get to Norris Point. There's a water taxi, or you can take your boat over. Here's Liv driving over!

Gros Morne Summer Music makes us happy. They bring over incredible musicians from all over the world, and this year did an amazing radio style play of Sherlock Holmes. Here's their website

There's loads more information about the goings on in the park here

There are lots of other, impromptu events that take place, so whenever you visit there'll be something great to see and do.

Woody Point is easily our favourite place in the world. And we're reasonably well travelled ladies. We think you should come visit. Hopefully we'll get to see some of you, we'd like it if you told us you found us on our blog!

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