Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Beer on Tap!

As the sun stays longer and shows itself more often, Galliott Studios is open for business! This year, we've got a few new, exciting things that you'll love.

First up, we have beer from the Western Newfoundland Brewing Company on tap! Two taps are fixed brews with the names "Killdevil Pale Ale," and "Wild Cove Cream Ale." Tasty, eh? Our third tap will be more exciting; it'll be where we try out a plethora of new flavours throughout the summer. Anything new and delicious the brewmasters cook up will flow first from Galliott Studios' taps. Come down now and again to see what Jenn has in store!

Finally, check us out on our social media platforms! We're active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find us on the former two by simply searching "Galliott Studios" on each website. For Instagram, our handle is @galliottstudios1: send us your favourite pictures of the shop or Bonne Bay and we'll post them there! Also, don't forget to keep checking us out here, on the blog. You'll know what's going on at the studio all the time. :-)

Don't forget to visit us this summer!