Monday, September 2, 2013

The Writers came to Woody Point!

Well its about time we stop procrastinating and update this blog! We have tons of wonderful pictures from The Writers at Woody Point and to be honest we were so busy it’s all just a wonderful blur!

We started the week off with sort of an informal meet and greet on Wednesday night.  It included music from Sandy Morris and Erin Best as well as an impromptu performance by Duo Gelato’s violinist Peter De Sotto and Alexander Sevastion on the accordion.

This year we decided to try something new, so all week long we offered Gluten free options as well as dairy free snacks and lunch options. Not only did we get great response from this, but it also made for a week of recipe exchanges and hint at a new cook book by Greg Malone and his wife White!

Thursday morning we had Russell Wangersky reading from his book of short stories “Whirl Away” followed by a midday matinee played by Pamela Morgan and Sandy Morris joined by Anita Best.

Friday Elisabeth De Mariaffi Read from her book of short stories “How to Get Along With Women”  The short story she read was “Field Work” which had the crowd nearly in tears laughing as she read a story of a fictional field study about tiny men both in the wild and in a lab setting. There was an especially humorous part about tagging the study subjects with different coloured nail enamel to keep track of them.
Friday night we held our all ages move night on the wharf and saw "Orca the Killer Whale" a water based horror movie that was filmed in Newfoundland. The participants had a great night shouting at the hilarity of the plot. 

For our Saturday reading we saw Chad Pelley reading from his novel “Away from Everywhere” During Chad’s reading a group of seagulls few over to check out the scene and Chad joked that this was his first experience of being heckled by seagulls!
Saturday afternoon we had a Breakwater Books kids birthday party for Al Pitman’s  book “A Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin named  Sam”. Author Elisabeth De Mariaffi headed the children’s activity of coloring, gluing and attaching sparkles to cut outs of the books illustrations.  And it has to be noted that it was the smoothest and quietest kids activity ever held at Galliott Studios! We think it must have had something to do with the size of sparkles that Elishabeth brought! They were just big enough that they wouldn’t dump onto the floor in one shake! True details that only an experienced mother would know! (Elisabeth, if you ever get bored of being an author and would like to head all of our kid activities from here on out let us know!) We then had delicious butter cream cupcakes from the Chocolate Moose ( with a reading and signing by the illustrator Shawn O'Hagan. .  

Sunday we had another special treat with David Ferry's project “Short Waves/Short Stories” The udience sat on Galliott Studios back wharf facing the scenic bay and long range mountains, while a radio broadcast sounded around them. The performance couldn’t of been on a better day. The morning was sunny yet cool and being the last day of the festival the audience was winding down and in a reflective mood. Barry Flatman introduced Michael Winter’s contemplative story “Archibald the Arctic” and then with the talented readings of David Ferry and musical talents of Pamela Morgan and Sandy Morris, a radio play unfolded around us.

(We've taken this picture from Jeanie MacFarlane's Facebook page!
a Great picture of Michael Winter and David Ferry)