Sunday, August 26, 2012

VOBB at Galliott Studios

Galliott Studios is located in Woody Point, which sits on the beautiful Bonne Bay. We like it here a lot! We also like that there's a local radio station here, and that it's great. Voice of Bonne Bay always has lots of interesting shows with music from all over the world. You can listen live on the website

And today, as a special treat, we have VOBB broadcasting from right here in the Studio! The  wonderful Anita Best is playing lots of music and interviewing a whole host of interesting guests. Here's a photo!

We stole this picture from the Writers at Woody Point facebook page, which you could look at here

The picture shows Anita interviewing Stephen Brunt. The writer's festival is his baby and it's always amazing hearing him talk about everything that's going on!

In similar news, the Galliott Studios girls will be on VOBB this Thursday at 6.30pm. We'd like it if you listened!

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