Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Douglas Walbourne-Gough at Galliott Studios

We're very excited! Why? Because Douglas Walbourne-Gough is coming to read here at Galliott Studios! Doug's our favourite poet. He's lots of other people's favourite too and has won lots of awards like an Arts and Letters Award in the Senior Poetry category and the 2011 SPARKS Literary Festival Haiku Contest! He's also an editor and arts organiser. Very impressive!

Here's a picture of Doug reading at the April Rabbit

Doug was recently awarded a second NLAC Professional Project Grant for his current project, The Crow Gulch Poems, a research based manuscript of poetry exploring the now-defunct community of Crow Gulch.

He'll be reading from both Humber Mouths 2: Voices from the West Coast of Newfoundland (Scop2), which he co-edited with Dr. Stephanie Mckenzie, as well as exerpts from The Crow Gulch Poems.

Sounds pretty top eh? Doug will be reading here at Galliott Studios this Thursday, 23rd August at 9.30am. It'll be a small reading and a great opportunity to meet Doug himself. So why not come along? It's a free reading and everyone is welcome!


  1. I loved the reading! When I was there, I left my email for contact, but haven't heard from Doug yet re: upcoming work. We'd like to contact him for coverage in Arts East magazine. Do you happened have Doug's email address?

    1. Hello Tina, Douglas Walbourne-Gough here. I just stumbled upon this while checking the Studio's blog and thankfully it wasn't posted that long ago.

      My email is duggo82@gmail.com

      Please get in touch and I can fill you in on what I've been up to :)