Sunday, August 26, 2012

Writers festival!

Well, we've had a brilliant week! There have been lots of readings from incredible writers; tons of music and so many good times it's hard to remember them all! We're sorry we haven't been blogging, we've been super busy. But we're back on it now!

We were lucky enough to have a series of free readings here at Galliott Studios. On Friday Linda Spalding was reading here; then on Saturday we were joined by Lisa Moore and yesterday saw a reading from Jamie Fitzpatrick. All three writers were great, and our book wish list has expanded massively!

Here's a photo of Jamie Fitzpatrick's reading

We stole this picture from the Writers at Woody Point facebook page. It's great and includes lots of information and awesome photos. Check it out here

Thanks to Linda, Lisa and Jamie. And thanks to everyone that came out to hear them read. We hope you all enjoyed it!

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