Friday, August 10, 2012

The Great Matt Hornell Poster Portrait Competition!

As many of you know, Matthew Hornell is playing a show here at Galliott Studios on Sunday. We thought we'd like to advertise with posters so we decided to get creative with a head to head poster battle! Here's a couple of photos of our new posters

Our posters include two pretty different portraits of Matt himself! The top poster was made by our master baker and general foodie extraordinaire Andrew. Turns out he's pretty nifty with a pen too. Jennifer also had a bash at it, with the bottom poster. Liv's got a sore wrist so no posters from her. Cop out!

So, whichever poster you prefer, the information's the same. Matt and his friend Pat will be playing a show here, at Galliott Studios. The fun will start at 8.30pm, but you're welcome to come along at 8.00 as per Andrew's poster! Tickets cost $10. Space is filling up fast, so if you're hoping to come along let us know! 1 709 453 2142

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