Friday, September 7, 2012

Goodies for the Captains!

This weekend we'll be visited by not one, but two cruise ships! We like it when the cruise ships come in. It means we have lots of new people to chat to. And we like looking at the boats!

A few posts back you may remember that we were making espresso cups for goody bags for the Writers at Woody Point crowd. And we're making treats for the cruise ship captains. Woody Point loves a good goody bag it seems!

This time around we've been entrusted with making the bags themselves. Pressure! However, we've stepped up to the task and felted lovely bags for the captains of both ships. The welcome committee will fill them with lots of lovely prezzies and hopefully the captains will really enjoy them!

We'll try posting a photo once the gremlin leaves the electrics and we can get Jenn's phone working!

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