Monday, September 10, 2012


We're battening down the hatches here at Galliott Studios. Hurricane Leslie is headed right for us. We've brought all the furniture in off the wharf and made sure the windows are closed tight. The wind is already picking up and the bay is pretty choppy. It's raining hard and our poor house is leaky! No fear though, Galliott Studios is warm and cozy and water tight!

The hurricane's meant to hit on Tuesday but we reckon it's already started! Liv's never been in a hurricane before and she's a bit worried. Both of us Galliott Studios girls are wondering if we'll be waking up in Woody Point, Kansas or Oz tomorrow. Who knows?!

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  1. Hang tight! Batten down the hatches. If you end up in OZ, I sure hope it's listening to OZ-FM! Goodluck...let us know how you fare! ~Mike