Saturday, June 22, 2019

The sculpins of Lovers' Lane

Jenn has been making more sculpins! And these ones are pretty special. In place of regular glazes, these little fellas have a coat of local clay giving colour and pattern to their surfaces.

Bonne Bay has lots of lovely clay deposits, and Jenn is an expert at finding the best sources and digging them out! She's spent quite some time playing with local clay, and the outcomes are always fabulous. 

It's possible to make small pieces, like pinch pots, from our local clay. But it's pretty unstable. So Jenn's favourite way to use it is as a slip to cover and colour the high quality stoneware that she uses in all Galliott Studios ceramics.

Unpacking sculpins from the kiln is always a treat, but today we got an extra fun little surprise. Jenn dug clay from a new spot in Woody Point, and we were excited to find that it's a much different colour to previous experiments! Previously, we used clay from Crawley's Cove, which gives a rich, dark brown colour. This clay is from Lovers' Lane, and has a soft, terracotta-brown colour. 

We're in love with this clay, and with the wee sculpins adorned with it! 

Stop by to see our Lovers' Lane sculpins, and other excellent ceramics. They're all made with love!

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