Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Late Summer Tunes

With Writer's Festival officially over, and the flow of people in and out of Gros Morne slowing, we here at Galiott Studios are beginning to adjust our operations to fit the natural pace. One of our girls who stand behind the counter finishes up with us in anticipation for lower numbers, and Jen starts making more pottery to fill the gaping hole in stock the festival leaves. However, this doesn't mean we won't keep bringing you entertainment as we trail away into colder September. 

This Sunday (August 27th) we have one of our final musical guests of the year: Rube and Rake! As a band, the duo began playing and producing music under this alias in 2014. Josh Sandu and Andrew Laite shortly thereafter released a short disc of their own music and began touring cross-Canada. In their off time, they quietly worked on their craft in the duo's hometown of St. John's. 

Rube and Rake's first full-length album is set to release in full by the end of this month. Maybe we'll get a treat at their show and be the first people to hear some of their new songs? Who knows! 

In attending their show, be expecting minimal instrumentation with a consistent sound. It's something Rube and Rake strive to attain and maintain. 

Be sure to make it to Galliott Studios for the show! Times have yet to be announced, but most likely the musical event will be held in the evening. For more specific timing, however, be sure to check with the girls at the shop anytime! 

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