Wednesday, August 16, 2017

6 Tips on How to Stay Alive During Writer's Festival

With Writer's Festival being the most hectic, chaotic time of year for Woody Point, we here at Galliott Studios look to provide you with a few tips and general guidelines to stay awake and enjoy yourself during your time spent at the festival.

1. Plan Your Writer's Experience
Even though the festival has already begun, it's not too late to schedule the rest of your week. To alleviate the stress of choosing your events for each day, pick them in advance! For booking tickets, all you need to do is go online to the Writer's of Woody Point website ( and book your tickets! The ticket portal can be found in the upper menu bar. By doing this, you save yourself the last-minute confusion and panic of trying to decide on one of the shows going on around town. It's also wise to pace yourself: don't try and attend too many events in one day, else you'll be gassed the following morning and won't enjoy anything upcoming.  

2. Stay Hydrated
One essential for absolutely everyone at Writer's this week? Staying hydrated. And no, alcohol doesn't count, either. With all the action and excitement throughout the day, it can be easy to forget to meet this daily essential adequately. You'll need the standard two litres plus some to stave off the negative affects of dehydration. If you have a day where you're running around from dawn 'til dusk, the more the merrier. Especially with all the amazing beer and coffee available throughout the town, compensating for the lost moisture in your body is key. The same rule applies to staying fed; eat at least three meals a day to stay fueled up and ready to party! A healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is recommended.

3. Sleep! 
Another bare necessity that often garters less attention during this busy time, this one's critical if you plan on making it to the halfway point of the week without sleep deprivation. While you're tempted to stay out that extra hour or two into the morning, or to have that last drink or three, attempting this early on in the week will spell doom for your alertness. Save these late nights for the latter end of the festival, or pick and choose which nights you'd rather lose sleep on so you can compensate later. Either way, if you don't manage your sleep, you won't be able to handle Writer's Festival for long without conking out for a 4-hour nap at the wrong time. Believe me, it's happened before.

4. Focus on Enjoying It
This tip is a little more abstract and harder to obtain, but nevertheless, just as important. Sometimes, with how busy the week can be, it's difficult to stay focussed on the main objective of the festival. Don't get too caught up with planning your trip too specifically (hourly plans may be taking it a bit too far) that you don't enjoy the content displayed. Likewise, focus on enjoying the festival as a vacation to rejuvenate yourself. All the great music, intriuging readers, and dramatic performances each offer something unique for you to enjoy.

5. Mingle
Writer's Festival has a focus on incredibly social events. To get the fullest from your experiences, it's best to get out there and talk to everyone! The spirit of rural Newfoundland seems to imbue all the attendees, so many people will be more than welcoming of a chat. Plus, events will be much more enjoyable when you're experiencing it with people you know! Especially if you plan on attending the festival for years to come, getting familiar with regulars will assure you always know someone - and even have a free place to stay - during this busy week.

6. Get a Coffee
Finding that no matter how much you sleep at night, or how well you pace yourself throughout the week, you're still tired? There's an easy, locally-available fix to that: Galliott Studios coffee! While no permanent fix, the espresso and caffeine in some of our beverages will give you that temporary boost to get through the next few hours. It only helps it's irresistibly delicious, from avid coffee lovers to the novice.

If you follow these basic guidelines to Writer's Festival, you should escape Woody Point with no deteriorations of mind and body, an uplifted spirit, and a few amazing experiences under your belt. Enjoy your Writer's Festival, and be sure to send our Instagram (@galliottstudios1) your favourite festival photos!

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