Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tonight's Music

This week at Galliott Studios, we’re kicking it off with a bang! We welcome Peter Willie Youngtree underneath our roof to perform this Sunday night. It’s only $10 for entrance, so why not spend the evening with us and an amazing musician?

Peter is a Newfoundland artist, having grown up in a family of traditional folk singers. His style portrays his ancestry, utilizing old folk and country motifs in combination with modern sounds. Peter’s lyrics are praised as well, having been called “contemplative” and “vividly written”. This unique style has earned him high praise, put his music on top of the charts, and allowed him to perform with famous artists. Together with his backing band, “The Blooms,” Peter is now recording his second album. 

His show starts at around 8:30 tonight, so finish up supper in time to come down!

You can visit his Instagram and Twitter by searching for @pwyoungtree, and Facebook by simply searching his name. 

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