Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Better Bee Excited!

You better "bee" excited, as we've got a new product in store!

Coming from Tuck's Bee Better Farm Inc., we now carry a trio of delicious treats. First up is their staple: honey! Using honey from Newfoundland bees, it's mixed with cranberries (to increase the level of antioxidants and improve flavor) and bottled. Because Newfoundland is one of the few places in the world that does not treat its honeybees with antibiotics or chemicals, this honey is some of the purest in the world! We're also a vendor for their new honey-infused cranberry juice and partridge berry sauce - can you say tasty? Either is a great, organic addition to spice up any meal.

Our favorite part of Tuck's products is that they're entirely local! Everything in their products comes from on the island, and most of it - if not all - is created or pollinated by their bees. The honey we sell in the shop is even a mix of both Bonne Bay and Grand Falls-Windsor bee's honey!

We're also announcing a new Instagram project! From henceforth, we encourage all visitors who have purchased something from us, to share their photos of where said products are now; whether it be across the Atlantic or down the street, we want to see where our products - especially our cherished little jellyfish - end up. :)

We'll "bee" waiting to see what everyone has to share!

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