Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hey Rosetta!

Its Tuesday and Hey Rosetta are in town! The Newfoundland band well be playing for two days at the Heritage Theater here in Woody Point, rumor has it that there are a few more tickets left for purchases from their website  http://www.heyrosetta.com/tour.html or at the door tonight at 7:30.
Its an all ages show, with beer and wine available on the upstairs level. So if you would like a beverage make sure to bring your ID! We at Galliott Studios will be open pre show and after if your looking for a great place to meet up with friends or wait for the water taxi.

Speaking of ID's and Hey Rosetta, did you know that there is an Australian wine named after Hey Rosetta's song? The Label even mentions our Galliott Studios friend Stephen Brunt! Check it all out here


We've attached a photo of the band from Phil's instagram feed  http://www.heyrosetta.com/photo.html

In the next few days we'll add some of our own pictures! Also Galliott Studios will be broadcasting for our local radio station "The Voice of Bonne Bay" www.vobb.org on Thursday morning starting at 9am! We'll be sure to play the bands music and see if we can't have one of the members in for a bit of an interview!

Happy Tuesday! 

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