Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Veendam's Vist

The town was a-buzz with activity yesterday with the Cruise ship the Veendam. We lost track of how many people came through our doors but we had lots of fun meeting everyone. A lovely couple from Hawaii brought home a clay Sculpin (fish) that just came out of the kiln that morning. We met another artist and singer and a couple that told us they were in there 80tees and 90tees yet only looked in there 60tees!
We would like to thank everyone who dropped in yesterday and visited our little shop! Everyone was so friendly and patient as we tried to keep up with all the orders.
We would also like to thank everyone that signed our petitions against fracking in the area!  We'll write and tell you all about that in our next blog! 

Here is a picture of the boat coming in... 

Fun facts!
 The town of Woody Point has a population of 400 people, while the Veedam holds around 1,350.

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  1. Hey Jen! It's Lucas. ^_^ Wow, that cruise ship looks amazing in the bay! Great pics.