Sunday, July 7, 2013

Music Fish and Boats

It’s a hot day here in woody point, so we’ll do a mellow blog post today.

We are starting to move a few things around this afternoon to get ready for the Matthew Hornell Show tonight.  Aside from that Jennifer is contemplating the warmth of the bay, and weather or not it is to cold to jump off the wharf….

Our neighbour fishermen from the Quebec boat L'anse aux Basques  have finally made it out to open water, we wish them good luck with the weather and the fish.

Here is a picture of our new neighbour, The Nicole Daniel who is in with capelin to be processed at the fish plant.


There have been mackerel in the bay and all the local kids (and adults) have been having a lot of fun catching them off the wharfs. We have also been enjoying the different whales that have been in chasing the schools of fish. A hump back was spotted yesterday and try as we may, our timing was off with the whales breaching.   

Check back again soon, we’ll post pictures of tonight’s show along with a write up of next Sundays musician Mike Madigan.

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  1. Hump back whale?! Hope to see one next time I drop by for a coffee!