Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Whales and Seals and Eagles Oh My!

Well here it is the middle of winter, and though the shops have been battened down, the tourists have come and gone, and we have seen the flow and ebb of boats and fishermen,  there is still a lot of commotion "in" the bay!

For the last few weeks we have had schools of herring and mackerel in the bay making the water almost bubble! The sea gulls have been spread out along the surface with eagles perched on the neighbouring trees and seals resting with full bellies on the ice pans! Yet, most exciting of all is the whales!
We have seen Humpbacks, Fin whales and Minkies so far! Most of the activity (that we know of) has been at the end of the south arm of Bonne Bay, which we know as "Up the bottom".

If you come up for a drive bring some snacks and maybe a thermos of something hot! If you're around town after 2pm the local legion is a great place to warm up and have a coffee, beer or chips!
(At the moment we aren't open, but we are currently insulating the pottery area! Updates to come in the next post!)

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