Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wonderful Strange

It was suggested that this week I write about my music and my latest recording. I never know what to say when people ask about songwriting because didn't start doing it on purpose. Little melodies and bits of poetry have always come into my mind and I learned that I enjoy turning them into songs. Somehow, due to some lucky twist, playing small and simple folk songs has become a big and important part of my life. I get to connect with friends and strangers through these songs and I am pretty sure that's the best thing there is.

The new album is called Wonderful Strange, and it was released in February, just a little over a month before my new baby boy was born. I chose the title long before we started recording. Most of the songs are a little odd in some way, and I wanted the recordings to be quirky and honest. I had a great time working with Jake Nicoll in his studio on Duckworth Street in St. John's. He is a great friend and lots of fun to experiment with. Ilia Nicoll, Darren Browne and Sherry Ryan also play and sing wonderfully on the record and we've had fun playing some live shows since. You can pick up a copy of Wonderful Strange at Galliott Studios! It looks like this:
The photo at the top is printed inside the jacket of my cd. It was taken two years ago during Writers in the Wild during Writers at Woody Point. I am under a big fir tree on the Lomond hiking trail. The year before that I played in the same spot with my best pals, All the Wiles. This year I wanted to go back to Woody Point with my little family so made a special request to play in the forest again and they said yes! So, if you're at the festival keep your eyes open for me along the trail! 

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