Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer's Here!

Hi, Galliott Studios fans and friends! Guest blogger and honorary Galliott Girl Evangeline here! I'm back in Newfoundland and working in Rocky Harbour at Java Jacks after nine long months of winter and psyched to be at the studio, drinking inhuman amounts of hot chocolate and goofing around on the pottery wheel. We have tons of exciting events coming up and some really interesting art coming in, so keep checking back all Summer for new reports on the coolest studio this side of the bay. 

Of course, our big news this week was our very cool wine tasting. Our first, but certainly not our last! It was catered by the very talented (and friendly!) Jason Nesbitt, the chef at Serenity on the Rocks up at the Red Mantle. Delicious food and wine was enjoyed by all last Friday night.

We also had a group of girl guides in just yesterday, making jewelery and enjoying the lovely, sunny day here. If you have a group of kids, or even just one or two, let us know! With a few days notice, we can offer many different activities for kids to enjoy- so that you can have a cappuccino or two and keep the little ones occupied. 

Tonight, we've got a last minute rock concert of our own happening with Gary Mills at 8 PM. Five dollars at the door for entrance, and wine, coffee, and cheese plates available inside in addition to our brand-new lobster rolls, starting at noon every day! They go fast, so come in as soon as you can to grab a bite to eat. 

That's all for today, but look for more posts soon! It's shaping up to be a great summer already. 


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